WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, so, it is used by many developers for WordPress web development. Although, it is easy to use, but you may face several errors while using WordPress. That sounds scary but it is real fact. For avoiding all the errors, you should use WordPress cleaning tools. These tools will help you run your website smoothly on different platform.

However, many hackers create malicious scripts into WordPress plugins to get a backdoor access in your WordPress website. The only way to escape from all the malicious scripts or from the viruses is to clean up your WordPress website on a regular basis.

Let’s have a look at some best cleaning tools for your WordPress website.



The smart clean up tools plugin is an outstanding plugin that will clean and speed up your WordPress website and allow your WordPress web development to continually keep it running in tip-top shape. This plugin also works automatically. It is available at the price of $35, it seems a bit pricey. But, the features, this plugin offers, will definitely feel like the pricing is justified.

Features of Smart cleanup tools are:

  • During cleanup check, it logs all executed SQL queries into respectable file
  • Uses AJAX for cleanup operation executing
  • Gathers statistical data for each tool used
  • It discards tools which you don’t want to use from cleanup panels
  • Uses toolbar menu with ultimate cleanup options
  • Supports translation and includes POT file
  • Removes spammed records, auto-draft, unapproved comments
  • The ability to export/import WordPress plugin settings

Clean-up Optimizer Cleaning Tool

Clean Up optimizer tool is the best tool that cleans up the obsolete data from database and optimizes your WordPress website blog, database tables and view any custom and core jobs. This plugins handles all the WordPress junk data and increases the speed of your WordPress website. By using this plugin, you can manually clean up the WordPress database.

Features of Clean-up Optimizer:

  • Manually clean WordPress Data
  • Delete Database Tables
  • Logs Details
  • Repair Database Tables
  • Unblock IP Addresses
  • Preview Database Tables
  • Auto IP Block
  • Empty Database Tables
  • Maximum Login Attempts
  • Drop Tables from Database when uninstalled
  • View Core & Custom Jobs

WP-DBMANAGER Cleaning Tool

As the name suggested, this is a WordPress database cleaning tool which makes it easier for you to access your database from WordPress dashboard. It supports automatic scheduling of backing up database and manage it for repairing the database. After activating this plugin, you can execute this plugin. After execution, you need to create a folder backup-db in a wp-content folder.

Features of WP-DBMANAGER

  • Database
  • Backup DB
  • Manage Backup DB
  • Empty Drop tables
  • DB Options:
  • Run SQL Query

WP-Sweep Cleaning Tool

WP-Sweep is the easiest way to clean up the WordPress data. It is one of the perfect WordPress cleansing tools you can ever get your hands on. This tool intensifies the range of clean up tool which makes it the best tool for cleaning up the WordPress database.

Features of WP-Sweep

  • Capable to deal with revisions, and auto drafts
  • Optimizes database tables
  • Clean up duplicate meta-data
  • Transient Options
  • Useful for deleted comments


Now, you have many tools that you can promptly use to clean up your WordPress database and keeps it bug-free that might arise in the future. Although these cleaning tools are useful enough to make your WordPress website fast loader and error-free but, you should also choose the best hosting provider to make your website smooth. If you are looking for the best development company in New York then hire PHP development services to acquire remarkable WordPress development services for your WordPress website.