PHP is one of the most prevalent server-side programming languages around the world today. We have put together the top 12 faster frameworks which enable developers to build more complex, secure, and well-rounded applications faster than ever before. PHP frameworks come in all sorts and shapes and have targeted developers with different levels of experience, functionalities, application needs, hosting capabilities, and development time-frames. Frameworks of PHP empowers web developers with the capacity to develop & deploy more complex and secure web applications for all the industries.

Nowadays, you will find a plethora of PHP frameworks in the market guaranteeing you the best assistance & practices to develop all of web applications. We have discussed here the top 12 fastest PHP frameworks that are worth your money, time, and efforts. If you still stuck to the question why you need a PHP framework then you must know about some specific benefits which are:

Greater platform diversity: With so many frameworks, PHP enables developers to create web & mobile application for different domains and platforms with advanced functionalities.

Flexibility with the database: The best thing with PHP frameworks is that it can be connected to any number of databases which enhance its capabilities. The connection with MySQL is commonly adopted.

Fast Load Time: PHP utilizes its own memory space to run codes which increase the web page loading speed in an efficient way.

Amazing CMS support: Content management is the vital part of all the successful web & mobile applications across the globe. Now, PHP is an ideal language for CMS development.

Some Other Most Common Reasons To Use PHP Frameworks Could Be:

  • Great community support
  • Less code and faster development
  • MVC pattern
  • Libraries & utilities
  • Greater security

Here’s The List of The Top 12 Fastest PHP Frameworks:


This is one of the popular frameworks any developer can boast of developing any kind of website and web application. The PHP framework Laravel comes packed with features that help in customizing any complex web app according to the user’s requirements. Laravel framework development comes with MVC architecture, Object-rational mapping (ORM), powerful encryption packages, built-in support for user authentication and many other features. These are the main reasons to put Laravel framework in the list of our top 12 fastest PHP frameworks.

Laravel advantages :

  • Excellent documentation & simply readable impressive syntax.
  • Quick execution of web applications.
  • Testing is easy.
  • Rapid development and deployment.

Zend Framework

Zend is an open-source object-oriented framework developed by Zend technologies in 2006. Though it is not the easiest framework, it’s commonly used for developing high-performance applications. This framework offers a lot of options and features that make it more customizable. The embedded features like authentication feeds, services, and form components make the Zend framework an ideal choice for enterprise applications.

Key features:

  • High performing MVC
  • Easy integration with third-party apps
  • A wide range of tools for building websites and applications
  • Instant online debugging


It is an open-source PHP framework known for its hassle-free environment. It does not require any command line or installation software and it is used for developing rapid frameworks that help in building dynamic websites in PHP. If you want something that is quick, easy, and simple to configure then Codelgniter is good to go with.

Main features:

  • Strong security
  • Small footprints available
  • MVC support
  • A simple set of options that are ideal for beginners to learn

Yii Framework

Yii is a modern PHP framework best for creating web applications and APIs. It helps developers to ensure an extremely extensible, efficient, and maintainable end product. It is significantly fast and modular framework which offers caching, authentication, scaffolding, testing and much more to make developers life easier.

Benefits of Yii:

  • Lightweight codes
  • Amazing security features
  • Short rapid development time
  • AJAX support and HTML 5 support


Another open-source framework of PHP which is used for rapid development to build web apps, shopping carts, portals, blogs. CakePHP is a preferred choice of developers because it supports multiple languages. Its code generators, predefined functionalities, and embedded security features speed up the overall development process.

CakePHP Benefits:

  • Ease in the development with built-in validation facility
  • Simple access to databases
  • Very easy to test and debug an application once it is created.
  • Internationalization and localization (i18n and L10n) feature enhancements
  • CakePHP has the best security features



When security is a prime concern then FuelPHP framework is the most preferred by most of the developers. FuelPHP incorporates Hierarchical Model View Comptroller (HMVC) that is an extension of traditional MVC. All the new advanced features make it the most modular and sophisticated framework available noways.

Key features included in FuelPHP:

  • RESTful implementation
  • Strong security protection
  • Lightweight
  • A large community of developers
  • Authentication package

Phalcon PHP Framework

Phalcon is an MVC based PHP framework an extension written in C. This framework significantly increases execution speed and decreases the use of costly resources of servers. It comes with a wealth of features like asset management, caching, security, and a universal autoloader.

Phalcon Benefits:

  • Easy to learn and fast and robust execution.
  • Feature-rich to develop a broad variety of web applications.
  • Has a growing community.
  • Good built-in security functionality
  • Auto-loading component
  • Support for PHP 7 functionality.

Symfony Framework

Symfony has worked long to establish itself as one of the most mature and reliable PHP frameworks. This framework is used by the developers for the most complex applications. It comes with many reusable components and a set of codes which enable developers to set up a quick development and deployment environment. Symfony is a reliable choice to develop large-scale enterprise applications and that is why it is one of the important framework mentioned in our list of top 12 fastest PHP framework.

Symfony Benefits:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Integrated unit tests automation for all changes
  • Large numbers of bundles/plugins for frameworks
  • Flexibility to implement only selected components
  • Excellent support system

Slim Framework

With 960,000 installs, slim is one of the most popular PHP micro-frameworks. Easier caching, powerful logic control, session support are some of the amazing features of this framework. Many developers use this to develop RESTful APIs. Slim helps developers quickly write simple yet powerful web applications. It has a great user guide that you can use to learn this framework fast.


This framework started in 2012 with an aim of creating high-performance frameworks for read-only websites. PHPixie also implements the HMVC design pattern similar to FuelPHP and it is built by using independent components that can be used as well without the framework itself. Initially started as a micro-framework but has grown into one of the best PHP frameworks that delivers high-speed performance and quick page load time.

Here are some important features of it:

  • Inbuilt authentication
  • Good routing system
  • Good documentation of code
  • Migrating component
  • Strong security

Fat-Free Framework

Fat Free is one of the most simplified micro frameworks of PHP, it is packed with lots of features to build dynamic and robust web applications. It boasts an easy to use web development toolkit, high-performance cache engine, and URL routing, built-in code highlighting and support for multilingual applications. This framework comes with a well-organized directory structure and supports SQL & NoSQL databases. Unit testing, template engine, custom logger, image processor, Geodata handler and many more features come with this framework.

Aura Framework

In our list of top 12 fastest PHP frameworks, another PHP framework that comes in to highlight is Aura. This framework is relevant for developers who prefer to write codes without relying on a full-stack oriented framework. It provides well-tested, high-quality, standards-compliant library packages which can be used in any code-base. It takes advantages of PHP 5.4+, It features anonymous functions, short array syntax, late static binding, formal namespaces make it a good choice for developers to use this framework.

Final Words

The choice of the framework really depends upon the type of website to be developed for your business. The above-mentioned top 12 fastest PHP framework list is a comprehensive one. However, speed, scalability, and security are some basics that every developer looks for a while exploring these frameworks for a responsive & smooth web application development project. Also, you can hire a PHP web development company that offers web application development services using the fastest PHP frameworks that can bring you with secure, customized, meaningful, and robust applications for your business.