Drupal has always been the top rated CMS’s to talk about when it comes to choosing the best one. Among WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento, picking out the best fit for any business requires considering the critical business requirements. Though each of these CMS’s comes with its own set of advantages, but Drupal has always been hitting the boxes in the terms of Drupal web development.

With an amazing collection of Drupal modules, it forms a viable choice for any sort of website development, be it a startup, blog website, social community or an eCommerce website. Drupal can be the right platform over other available CMS in the race owing to security, robustness, SEO friendliness, plugin support, third party integration and so on.

Drupal is one such content migration platform that is getting refined with each passing day. Its latest version, Drupal 8 features 1500 variant themes along with thousands of free plugins that makes it an optimal choice for creating high-end stores.

Let’s discussing some of the top-notch reasons that compels developers to choose Drupal



These days, security is of paramount importance. Known for its strict security measures, Drupal comes with constant security patches and updates from the community. It not only secures website owners from online hacking attempts but also keeps a check on the performance of site directly from the admin panel.

By installing Drupal security modules, businesses can be assured that their website is protected. The new security patches can be taken care of directly from the admin panel.

With the establishment of Drupal 8’s new default theming system, trusted host patterns, twig security dynamic URL detection can be taken care of. By adding Symfony PHP to Drupal core, a secure environment can be provided to website developers and site owners.

Community and Support


Drupal features a high-end ecosystem with immense support. With the release of each version, the support offered by Drupal CMS multiplies by 4 times. The community possesses over 3000 active developers who are constantly involved in coding, testing and building.

Since Drupal is an open source solution available to public, it does not rely on any priced licensing fees. Other than this, the presence of online forums and in-house developers makes it easy for users to acquire information on the Drupal technology and its aspects.

Drupal is completely SEO-friendly

SEO-friendly websites and social media elements like hashtags, profile posts and photo tags are the driving fuel of any website. This calls for the implementation of social media and SEO-friendly features.

The presence of advanced SEO modules helps in enriching the online visibility. These modules function like a catalyst to encourage the visibility of content on top searches. It also allows developers to take control of URL’s while spending lesser time.

Professional Drupal Themes

A huge collection of readymade themes makes Drupal a fascinating solution. A huge collection of themes are made available free of cost. The design, font size along with the entire theme have been designed to meet business objectives of various industries.

Similarly, different elements can be aligned based on the specific requirements of clients.

For example: You can easily increase the size of fonts and change the color of design elements.

Using Drupal customized themes, it becomes quite easy to create business or community centered Drupal websites.

Drupal is reliable and scalable CMS

Out of all the CMS’s, Drupal counts to be extremely scalable. Drupal is one such framework that can be used to develop websites with huge traffic and therefore makes a better count for enterprise and business websites.

Wrapping it Up!

With endless features in hand, Drupal is a loved CMS. It is robust, flexible and has umpteen advanced features than any other CMS. Being an enterprise-class CMS, it is scalable and quite easy to manage. It’s security has top notched and beaten out WordPress, Joomla and Magento in the race. These features that are available with the advanced versions of Drupal are definitely going to make the life of developers and businesses easier.