Being an open source content management framework, Drupal holds the authority to create web portals. These portals are strictly focused on user friendliness, multilingual capabilities, out of the box mobile accessibility, etc. Known for its strong security, reliability and strong security patches, Drupal is well-reckoned to attract buyers.

Listed below are some reasons that are worth considering when it comes to switching to Drupal:

Mobile first approach

Mobile First approach

The latest version of Drupal named Drupal 8 is mobile first in approach. It features built-in themes that are responsive. Along with it, there is an admin theme that accommodates to different screen sizes. These themes make it easier to fit in any screen size. The admin toolbar works great on all mobile devices.

Multilingual ready


Drupal 8 features out of the box multilingual functionality with an admin interface that has built-in translations. Users can also create pages with language-based views filtering and block visibility options.

Simple authoring

With Drupal 8, content creation becomes a straightforward process. It has gone a step ahead by giving authors an actual preview of the changes that would appear on the website itself. CKEditor is also an integral part of the CMS as this free text editor helps content editors extensively in website content creation.


Views is one of the contributed modules that is integrated with almost 70% of the Drupal websites. It brings multiple options for non-developers to create listings for pages, calendars, photo galleries, along with a developer-friendly feature, also known as caching. Bringing views is a clear strategic decision. Having views in core offer multiple advantages in terms of consistency, stability and so on.

Excellent support for accessibility

Drupal 8 has excellent support for accessibility like WAI-ARIA that makes content structures easier to understand for people with disabilities. Similarly, ATAG explains how to make authoring tools accessible.

Advanced theming engine

Drupal includes the latest theming engine called Twig that is completely PHP-based, flexible, secure and fast. It makes it easier to create appealing and functional Drupal websites using Twig. These templates are written in Syntax and are less complex than PHP template.

HTML5 Power


When it comes to writing the web markup, HTML5 is a standard practice that is being adopted. It now comes with Drupal 8 as well. It offers access to input fields like date, email, phone along with extra functionality and compatibility with mobile and handheld devices.

Built-in web services made easier

With Drupal 8, it becomes easier to link data to other data via web services. This functionality helps people to discover all the content in the website. REST is one of the most popular ways that makes web services work.

Loading speed

Drupal 8 makes sure to load JavaScript only if it is required. Whenever a page is viewed, its content does not require to be loaded again. The content that is viewed previously is quickly loaded from the cache. Caching is completely automatic after being configured and enabled.

Big Pipe part of Drupal core

Big pipe being a part of Drupal core help developers in optimizing the website load performance. Engineered by Facebook, BigPipe is a browser rendering system that helps in segregating web pages into blocks of content, also called, pagelets. This feature reduces the loading time of pages.

JS automated testing

Drupal 8.1 brings the opportunity for automated testing. This advanced version allows to test the JS front end automatically. This in turn saves times and makes the process of continuous integration much easier.

Quick edits

Drupal’s advanced version offers in-place editing for fields. The CMS make simple to edit the text and also allows for quick fix and additions from the front end.

So, this is all for now. Given above are some of the most important reasons that compel developers to switch to Drupal. The latest version of Drupal encompasses advanced functionality that is a contribution of over 3,000 developers. These features are definitely a must-have when it comes to upgrading your website to the latest version.

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