In the e-commerce environment, with rapid technological advancements and huge competition, It’s quite challenging for the businesses to reach their full potential. In this way, upgrading your Magento store is crucial to ensure that your website has access to all the technological improvements. When we compare Magento versions, Magento2 is much improved and optimized version of the Magento 1 platform. It’s amazing new features provide your customers with easier, faster, and great shopping experience.

Why should you upgrade from Magento 1 to magento2?

Much better performance

One of the most specific reasons is performance. Page load speed is 30% to 50% faster in Magento2. According to studies, it can handle around 39% more order per hour with faster accuracy of time as compared to Magento 1. It can deliver instant server response time for catalog browsing.

Magento 2 can manage 10 million page views an hour, however Magento 1 can only process 200, 000. Faster load times & more page views simply mean lower bounce rate and more sales.

How does Magento 2 provide significant improvement & high performance?

PHP7 programming: Magento 2 is compatible with PHP7 that is around 20% faster then Magento1.

Ajax cart: In case of Magento 1, when each product is added to your shopping cart, it usually takes more time to load with and that results into the abandonment of cart and slightly decreases sales. Magento 2 addressed this issue and added an out-of-the-box Ajax cart without having to install any module. This cart amazingly increases the user experience as it uses JavaScript to add items to the shopping cart.

Varnish caching system: Varnish caching is a trusted HTTP accelerator technology on which Magento 2 works closely to boost the page loading speed and decrease server load. Therefore, caching system performance of your website becomes faster and helps you deliver the great user experience.

Modern admin dashboard & easy navigation

Now, you can find important business information about your e-store at a single place with its modern admin dashboard. Simple navigation & intuitive interface are the key to migrate to Magento 2.

Simplified product creation: With Magento 2 adding new products is 4 times faster than Magento 1. It allows you to upload videos from YouTube or Vimeo along with your product photos.

Improved customization: Personalized customer experience is the key to success for any e-commerce store. Magento 2 advanced promotion rule builder enables you to provide customers with discounts and cross-sells offers, and easy payment methods are the crucial considerations towards using Magento 2.

Data view & filtering are improved: Robust data grid view has the ability to customize the attributes thus each administrator can customize the grid views according to their needs. One can quickly filter data and smoothly manage data view that leads to clean, ordered, and systematic data representation.

Improvement in navigation: There is no complexity in admin section as menus are more organized. One can easily find their target pages with simple navigation. All information related to products, reporting, marketing content its are present on a flat menu, and users can organize them according to their flexibility.

Superior customer experience


Magento has made big steps to enhance the customer experience by sorting out various shopping complications especially on mobile devices. This results in rich customer experience that will automatically improve sales and other profits for an e-commerce store.

Enhanced checkout experience: Magento 2 uses 2-step checkout process that accelerates checkout time and minimizes the information customers have to provide. The key improvements include:

  • Guest checkout automatically
  • Account setup requires only one click
  • Oder summary with thumbnails
  • Shipping rates applied to carts automatically
  • Easy and convenient shipping options are available

Mobile responsive: Over 50% of transactions are proposed on mobile devices. Magento 2 utilizes mobile optimization enhancements for better interaction with e-commerce sites. It comes with responsive, SEO supportive designed themes, videos, simple checkout, and a unique look and function of your store that is compatible with small screen devices. Thus, a mobile supportive design makes your e-commerce store available at any time & significantly improves sales.

Easy integration & upgrades: Magento 2 makes integration of third-party extensions easier and the improved architecture makes the cost of upgrades less-expensive and low time-consuming.

Improved search: This addition comes with Elastic search technology which improves quality of searches. This can handle large catalogs & scale search capacity that improves the user experience. Therefore, it improves search powers by increasing relevancy & conversions of your Magento 2 store.

Final words

Thinking long term as per your business perspective, you can ensure stability by upgrading to Magento 2 as it empowers merchants with a robust and meaningful web presence. A well-functioned e-commerce store along with customized features is the part of Magento 2 version. So, enhance the capabilities of your store by upgrading it from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

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