eCommerce products image optimization

When a user wants to search certain product of their requirement on Google, it will not appear in the search results if the product page has not been optimized properly. For an e-commerce website owner, mastering in optimizing product image is required. Optimization decreases the website load time, it ensures that your product page has got a better view.

Why it is essential to optimize product images for your e-commerce store?

There are reasons that prove that you need to adjust product images.

Here, you can take a look at some important benefits of optimization

Website loading time can be improved

It is important for an online store owner to optimize product images because it improves the loading speed of an online shopping website. If the loading speed of a website will be enhanced, the overall sales percentage can increase.

Less space will be used

When the images will be lighter, it would take less space and even the need for resources will decrease.

Advancement in the conversation rate

In case, your e-commerce website will take less time to load, it can persuade users to buy your products. Customers will start believing you and go shopping from your online store. The group of visitors can be converted into potential customers.

Website position in search engine results can be upgraded

According to the Google algorithms, the lighter website can get top position in the search results. Fast loading online shopping sites compel a user to rely on it.

What are the different ways for optimizing your online store product images?

The product images can be optimized in multiple ways. Here, you can take a look at some important methods:

Provide a specific name for the product

For holding a better position in the search engine results, you should select the appropriate keyword for your product. This will help the crawler identify your product and you can use any generic name for the product image.

Choose a specific dimension for your e-commerce product

It is quite essential to select a proper dimension for products when you are running an e-commerce store. You should find the perfect size images depending on the template you are going to use. By using WooCommerce, you can go to Settings where you find multiple default images. If you have chosen 600*600 pixels dimension for your product, it would be better.

Use Photoshop to adjust the image size of a product

The size of an image file can be decreased by using “Save for web” command in Adobe Photoshop. This helps you adjust your product image in appropriate dimension so that customers can get a better view.

Select WordPress for making changes in product image size

When your product image is too large, it can have a negative impact on visibility. By using the multimedia/library, you will have to simply click on the product image and tap the option of edit. WordPress multimedia option facilitates you to make changes depending on the specifications.

TinyPNG software adds an advantage

It can be a useful software for you to compress product images. It is efficient to optimize several images at once. When you are going to modify multiple images at the same time, it can be the applicable tool for you.

Webresizer can be an efficient tool

Webresizer allows you to do modifications in the product pictures. You can make desired changes in the color and light of your online store product.


All these discussed methods will help you in improving the loading speed of your e-commerce website. Following these guidelines can take your business to new heights and builds the positive image of your brand on search engines. Customers will start trusting your online store which directly affects the sales rate.