paypal payment gateway

Are you looking for an efficient payment gateway? Then, you don’t need to waste your time because PayPal is always ready to serve you. It is quite convenient for both buyers and sellers.

PayPal is the best mode for money transfer, it allows you to do payments securely. Whether it is the matter of doing secure payments by entering the correct card details or ensuring the seamless transactions to build trust among customers, you can select Paypal as your primary choice.

Selecting the right payment gateway is quite relevant for resolving money related problems. If you talk about Magento payment gateway integration, adding PayPal is required on your online store. PayPal is perfect in all aspects for your customers.

How you can use PayPal?

PayPal is the known payment gateway for resolving your transaction associated issues. You can use it as the payment gateway and even as a merchant account. There are a number of merchants who want to embed it during the development of Magento store because it helps online store owners accept payments conveniently. If you are an e-commerce website owner, it would be better to hire Magento developer for better output.

Why does Magento Store owner appreciate this payment processor?

A number of reasons are there that e-commerce store owners trust this payment gateway.

Here, you can take a look at some important reasons to use it:

Avail secure payment

PayPal has been integrated with a number of elegant features which makes it a top choice for both store owners and customers. You can use this platform effectively and you can remain assured that your data will not be shared with merchants after the transaction will be completed.

Using PayPal can minimize security risks and you shouldn’t worry because your confidential information stays with PayPal only.


There is no charge for the set-up or cancellation, you just have to pay the transaction fee on the number of payments done through your business. An individual will be charged with some percentage for each transaction, changes in the fee will not be there according to the type of credit card used by the buyer. It has been found that doing payment through PayPal is quite easy than other merchants accounts available.

Incorporated with check out options

PayPal can be the best choice for you because Magento e-commerce offers you checkout features. It has been found that the paid version is comparatively more suitable than the version that is available for free. For helping your customers and giving them seamless experience, you should better use the paid version.

Those who hold a PayPal account can easily complete the transaction process. If anyone will not have their account, they should give their credit card information. When the payment would be completed, PayPal will deduct its fees and transfer the money into the store owner’s account.

What are the payment gateway extensions for Magento merchants?

You may find a number of payment gateway extensions. Here, you will know a few of them:

One-step checkout

It has been provided for giving an outstanding experience to the users while completing the payment process. It makes the buying journey easy and helps to reduce the cart abandonment.

PayPal Payments Pro

This extension takes you directly to the checkout page. It is authorized and customers can ensure that he/she is using a secure payment mode. You can easily install it easily without finding issues.


It is clear that PayPal is the best gateway for Magento stores to accept payments. The best way to ensure success is to facilitate Magento payment gateway integration. This can add value to your business by enhancing the customer experience rate and converting new visitors into potential customers. If you haven’t started using PayPal, then start using it from now.