According to the Company Act, every business firm has its own Privacy Policy, NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and Disclaimer Policy to clarify all the issues that occur between both organizations as well as customers. PHPDevelopmentServices deals in rendering top-notch quality web design & development services based on the emerging technologies to boost your online business. The concerned company holds several rights where it becomes quite difficult for the online visitors to claim the firm regarding the accuracy, reliability and validity of the information they have retrieved via website.

In the Disclaimer Document, it has been mentioned clearly that we are not held responsible for any negative impact such as unpredicted damage, business loss or reduction in profits that occur through several factors. These causal factors may be either internal or external like links, products used by clients and other websites. If any visitor comes to visit the website of the company, PHPDevelopmentServices, then before availing the services like download & copying the content, be sure that you are doing this at your own risk. In fact, you are self-responsible for the issues such as system damage and loss of data.

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