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What type of payment method is adopted?

We have established convenient method of payment. So, we accept debit/credit card, PayPal, online fund transfer as well.

How much time will you take to deploy my project?

Without knowing the project size, requirements, domain as well as platform, we can’t comment on this.

Can I administer the CMS?

Yes, after project completion we will give assistance in how to use the CMS and after then, you can control the CMS accordingly.

How can Search Engine Optimization empower my business?

Search Engine Optimization makes your site appears at the top and hence, account to optimize ROI and Conversion Rate.

May I able to know the number of visitors come to my site?

Yes of course! we will provide the web tracking software with your project, so that you can know the frequency of visitors at your site.

What procedure do you follow for my project completion?

Just fill up the form available on our site. We will connect with you. Then, analyze your requirement and according to that start to work on your project. After completion, we will upload at the demo server, so that if you need any rectification, we can process it smoothly and provide the final result to you.

Do you offer additional customization to my project?

You can avail the additional customization. The procedure for applying the additional customization will be same and we will also follow the same pricing structure.

What should I do if any error encountered with coding?

Prior to delivering the final project, we put our entire efforts to ensure perfect and error-free product. Even, in case of any concern you are requested to point out and let us know. We perform our best to resolve the bug as soon as possible.

What if there is any error found in the coding?

Before, submitting your project, we evaluate it thoroughly, so that there will be no error in coding. But, if there is any error, you can contact us freely. We will refine the project seamlessly.

What if I am not satisfied with the coding?

We are fully dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction. We believed that our clients get requisite accordingly.

What if I suppose to terminate the project?

Well! if you propose for the project termination before our start, then your money will be refunded.

Do you offer expedited services?

Yes we do! For this, you need to contact us.

Will you offer any help in fixing code?

We only work on our coding standards.
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